Our Services

At Corning Place Communications we provide our clients with a portfolio of integrated services that include media relations, public affairs, strategic communications, social media integration and emerging opportunities.

Media Relations.

media relations albany

Business leaders from across New York conduct a news conference calling for the passage of key legislation.

The media and communications landscape is challenging, complex and competitive. Our experienced team of professionals maintain relationships with reporters, editors, producers and broadcasters in newsrooms in every corner of the state and in the vast network of online communities and niche markets. And, when it comes to the Capitol Press Corp, Corning Place’s credibility is built upon working relationships that span more than 20 years.

Our capabilities include:

  • Providing media training for interviews, press conferences and on camera appearances;
  • Developing and implementing crisis communications strategies;
  • Assisting in building relationships with the media;
  • Pitching and securing targeted news and opinion placements;
  • Drafting and distributing news advisories, releases and statements;
  • Producing and placing audio news releases and video segments; and
  • Preparing remarks, speeches and presentations.

Public Affairs.

Public Affairs Albany New York

A coalition of advocates for the disabled rally in support of dedicated educational funding.

We help our clients develop and manage their issues and messaging in the governmental arena.

Strategically located within walking distance of the Capitol and the Empire State Plaza, we are extremely nimble and responsive as we help you elevate your profile and presence before the Legislature, Governor’s office and the various agencies, commissions and arms of state government. For more than a decade, Corning Place has worked with our clients to develop and execute creative campaigns that get noticed and achieve results.

Whether your issues are state, local or federal, or related to legislation, regulation, litigation, licensing or procurement, Corning Place can help your organization meet its objectives.

Our capabilities include:

  • Government advocacy;
  • Special-event planning;
  • Organizational awareness and issues training;
  • Grassroots development;
  • Coalition building;
  • Media strategies; and
  • News monitoring and traffic.

Our relationship with Hinman Straub, PC, and Hinman Straub Advisors – some of the most accomplished and well-respected legal and government-relations professionals in New York State – provides us with insight and perspective that few other firms can match.

Strategic Communications.

Strategic Communications Albany New York

Men and women representing specialized law enforcement sectors work to forge a new union.

When events and circumstances put your business or organization in the political spotlight, success requires understanding how public officials – and their constituencies – think and what they’re going to do next.

Decision-makers are influenced by increasingly large and diverse constituencies. Amid the noise and static, you must amplified your voice to be clearly heard.

Corning Place can help you understand and solve your communications challenges, and recommend a layered and integrated strategy to ensure that your positions are understood.

Our capabilities include:

  • Crisis communications;
  • Reputation elevation and enhancement;
  • Marketing;
  • Advocacy campaign development;
  • Speech writing;
  • Ghost writing
  • Traditional media buying; and
  • Online media buying.

Social Media and Emerging Technology.

social media albany new york

Metrics and analytics provide tremendous insight into a campaign’s effectiveness.

Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, the blogosphere … you’ve heard a lot about social and digital media. Over the past decade, these emerging channels have experienced unparalleled growth, solidifying their place among an ever-growing arsenal of communication tools.

The numbers surrounding new media demonstrate the strength of popular social media and video platforms. Facebook has 1.79 billion monthly active users. Collectively, these users upload 300 million photos and view 3 billion videos per day. Twitter now has more than 313 monthly active users who collectively published 500 million tweets per day. YouTube’s 1.3 billion users stream almost 5 billion videos every day.

Our team of experienced professionals can help you develop and execute a strategy that harnesses the power of new media that will help your organization to meet its goals.

We understand how the world of communications is evolving, and we can help you evolve along with it. Corning Place has the strategic, creative and technical abilities needed to properly use these innovative platforms.

Our capabilities include:

  • Strategy development;
  • Campaign management;
  • Real-time monitoring;
  • Reputation management and protection; and
  • Identifying and utilizing emerging technologies.